Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Stimulate yourself with FREE MONEY from the Government

Apparently there has been some kind of downturn around the world, and even though Australia is not affected as badly as the UK and USA, our government is handing out FREE MONEY, courtesy of the Aussie Stimulus Package. 

You can get some, yes you can!

Disregard the limits that the news told you and get creative. There are many ways of adjusting your income to get free money: TAX TIME IS COMING! 

Plan ahead now!

Would you like to get a $5 000 tax cheque?

Would you like to receive a $12 000 investment for FREE?

Would you like some “Ruddy Money” from the government?

Before you say “that’s impossible” or “I don’t qualify”, just consider that there could be a way to do this… if you can only discover how, and have some expert advice or assistance.

Peter Frampton* is a client who earns $142 000 and will pay almost $45 000 in tax. He would like to pay less than $30 000 and can reduce his tax in several ways:

1.      Borrow $500 000 to buy property or shares and pre-pay $37 000 in interest.

2.      Borrow $400 000 for a Capital Guaranteed investment & pay $53 000 interest.

3.      Borrow $37 000 to invest into a tax-effective investment.

Even if there may be limited risk, the first two options will tie up hundreds of thousands of dollars for up to five years. The third option is a smaller investment, with less capital risk and uses “one-off” money with no ongoing expenses required.

Investing into something tax-deductible also means that Peter may qualify for the Australian government Household Stimulus Package & receive Family Tax Benefit Part A. This could add up to over $12 000 in extra refunds & entitlements for Peter and his family.

Andrew & Cheryl Coates, a family where both partners work* could borrow from their mortgage, contribute $12 500 into a tax-effective investment and receive tax refunds and entitlements worth just over $12 500… This in effect grants them a free investment!

The current economic situation will not continue forever, despite what the media may tell you. The current financial circumstances are almost an “action replay” of what occurred in the early 1990’s in Australia. Real estate boom followed by bust, interest rates that climbed dramatically and then halved within a few months, sharemarket crash and so on. (For more on economic cycles, refer to our website for free tools or a free book.)

The difference in the repetitive cycle this time is that the Aussie government is throwing much more (Ruddy) money into the system, and so far, Australians (and the Chinese) are not in a recession. The USA and the UK are in dire straits but so far, we are doing OK.

How can YOU make money out of the global financial crisis?

You can take best advantage of the current economic situation by following the advice of legendary investor Warren Buffett: “The best time to invest is when others are afraid”.

·         You may consider investing into property now that interest rates are almost half of what they were in 2008, or if property prices have fallen to more affordable levels in your area. (Call IMP to check for home loans or investment loans starting at under 3%).

·         You may consider investing into some good quality blue-chip Australian shares now that they are practically half price. (Call IMP to check find out which investment is best for you, as cheap doesn’t always mean good value!).

·         You may consider investing into a government-approved tax-effective investment to secure a 100% tax deduction, maximize your Family Tax Benefits and boost your tax refund. (Call IMP to check what you may be eligible for; even if you think you cannot qualify. There is more than one way to skin a cat!)

You may know of some people who are wandering around, saying things like, “I should have bought a house in 1999”, or “I should have sold all my shares last year”, or something similar. Aim to be one of the few people around in 2013 who are saying, “I’m glad that I bought XYZ share/ JKL property in 2009”. Aim for joy and not regret.

Opportunities like this, where borrowing costs are low (now the lowest interest rates since 1960) and prices of many properties and shares are low, do not come along every day. Get some good advice, get some independent advice, and then, most importantly of all, take some positive ACTION!

Remember the sacred words: “You have not because you ask not. Ask and you shall receive.” This may apply to heavenly blessings just as it applies to tax deductions and great investments. J Remember to ask for what you want and then see what happens!

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Jeremy Britton DipFA SA(Fin)

*Everyone’s individual situation is different, and depending upon your circumstances, this strategy may not work out like the above example, for you. (You also may not be called Peter Frampton). We invite you to make a quick phone call to see if one of the above strategies may be a possibility for you. Call IMP on 1300 762 624; we can even have a quick chat to your accountant on your behalf to find the best way to help you to pay less tax and receive more government benefits. If you don’t call and ask, the answer is definitely “no”. Give it a shot! JCall us today and discover what is possible. IMP planners are not aligned with any financial institution & can give advice from multiple providers. 1300 762 624

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