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Why is this Financial Adviser in handcuffs?
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    Forgive us, please, "our hands were tied"

Why is this Financial Adviser wearing handcuffs?

We are starting to get more cheeky in our marketing, as we battle against what we see as unfairness in the financial industry.

Many advisers are not providing their clients with "independent" or "unbiased" advice, and many advisers are not even telling the truth about this...

Rainmaker Research's Alex Dunnin says that there are 16,000 financial planners in Australia, and over two-thirds are aligned with only one provider.

Dunnin says that this figure could be "as high as 80%" of financial planners who are working for "The Big 30" companies and not truly working for YOU and your interests. 

This "Big 30" includes banks such as Westpac (BT, St George), Commonwealth (Colonial), ANZ (Asgard, Esanda) and National Bank (MLC). Also high on the list are financial providers such as AMP, ING (RetireInvest), PIS (Mentor) and AXA (Charter).

Some advisers may even claim to be independent, but still not provide independent advice, according to Dunnin. 

"When a financial planner says they're independent it might be because they're an independent franchisee... (but)  they're an independent small business who is part of a bigger corporate network," he said.

Confused? You may be. Cranky? You should be.

In the book "Who's Taking Your Money?", Jeremy Britton and the IMP team expose which companies are behind which other companies and suggest that clients seek an adviser who is unbiased.

You can download a complimentary report from our website called"Fifteen Questions to ask your financial planner". 

The most important question to ask a financial adviser may just be "Who do you work for?" (or "for whom do you work", if you are an English teacher.)

If the adviser says "XYZ corporation" then they may not be really independent. Their hands are possibly "tied" (or cuffed!), as they must recommend solutions or products from that company and none other. If they say "I  work for YOU", then you will be on the right track for a better deal. 

An adviser who can source products or solutions from multiple providers, one who is "untied", one who works for YOU, is more likely to have your best interests at heart.

Jeremy Britton

Please check our Blog for new 2009 updates (click on Blog, and after you see 2009, scroll down to see where we advised clients to get their super money out of the USA over a year ago...) 
If you have NOT reviewed your super, you may still have up to a quarter of your super invested into the US market. We can fix this WITHOUT having to change your super company. Just call 1300 762 624 for a free "Super Checkup". Also encourage your friends to do the same! 

Do you think we should put a Star on top?

Someone sent this "Christmas Tree" card to us at Christmas and it made us laugh... We hope it brings a smile to your face. Be assured that "whatever goes down, must come up" and that this cycle will be just as cyclical as the last dozen! 

(By the way, the chart for 1986-1987 looks exactly the same. We recovered from that and we will survive this one also!)

Seminars to educate & inspire

Please put these dates into your diaries in advance. 

Roy McDonald (Billionaire Mentor to Jeremy Britton & Jamie McIntyre) will be on the Sunshine Coast on February 17th.
Free evening seminar from an independent qualified realtor and financial planner, also free book signing of "How to turn $1 into $1 million in 7 years or less". Awesome advice on property, shares and more. Please call IMP on 1300 762 624 to book.

Jeremy Britton (24 Hour Wealth Coach) will be in Toowoomba on February 27th & 28th.
Review your investments & super for great advice without the bias or hard sell. Initial appointments for new clients cost nothing but a cup of green tea... Call 0410 468 378 and encourage your friends to do the same!
Business Owners: Jeremy can hold a free 20 minute superannuation workshop for your staff. This makes YOU look really good! Call IMP on 1300 762 624 for bookings.

Allan Pease (Mr Body Language) will be on the Sunshine Coast on April 20th
There are only 200 tickets for all of Brisbane & the Sunshine Coast, so book in early at this price! Pease tickets were $85 in Brisbane in December and will be $195 in Gold Coast in March. Our price of $60 includes hot breakfast, $400 for a table of eight. Please call 1300 762 624 to book in.

Remember to check the Blog, check your super to "boycott US shares" and check that your financial adviser is not "tied" to someone other than YOU! 
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