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Malaysia 330 am Sunday ---- Free seminar -- save 65% on investment fees

Crazy People do sane things

You dont have to be crazy to do this -- but it helps!

Your Life is in Good Hands -- TRUST ME, I'm a Wealth Coach

KUALA LUMPUR; Malaysia 0330 am ---
Jeremy Britton

It's 330am on a hot Sunday morning & I am too excited to sleep.

I am sitting at a free WiFi spot at the airport waiting for my connecting flight back to Australia.

My initial flight was delayed a few hours and changed gates several times. Now there are hundreds of people sleeping on park benches, concrete and steel chairs waiting for a plane that will not arrive for five more hours...

It is the end of Ramadan & full Moon Festival. Hundreds of Hindus and Moslems are sleeping in the streets. Even the man asleep in the toilet did not wake when I took his photo!

In the last few days, your intrepid investment guru has lived through bouts of infection, sky-diving, level 6 earthquake & being rescued from dangerous surf by a team of lifesavers.

And you thought that YOUR job was risky!

IMP also opened a new office in the main street of Caloundra & has been invited to open an office in Poppies Lane, Bali... Your input is invited on this one, most definitely!

The point is, and I do have one
There are two reasons why I cannot sleep.

One is because the Aussie investment market is picking up so strongly on the back of Asia. It is one of those times when you will say "remember when" in a couple of year's time...

It has been three years since we predicted the market crash from the USA in "Who's Taking Your Money?" and we also predicted an Asian & Australian-Led Recovery cycle.

We must say, categorically, for those who do not travel or for those who watch CNN or Aussie TV news: THERE IS NO RECESSION IN ASIA.

The largely US-fed news services mostly carry economic data that is irrelevant to Australians who live in the middle of the ASEAN region.

Indonesian tourism is up 400%. People here from Finland, Norway, Holland, Germany & other non-US or non-English backgrounds are not aware of a downturn.

The Aussie market is up by OVER 50% in six months!

Much of this is to do with our strong ties to Asian trade and our Asia-centric government fiscal policy.

Just as we all remember taking nail-files on planes before September 11, 2001; this will be the time that we remember when the Asian economies finally emerge larger than the USA.

Where were YOU when China, India & Australia made more money than the USA?

Were you invested or were you waiting to see what would happen?

Call the team now for a portfolio review to move your funds out of US managed funds & into something SAFER!

New Caloundra office 1300 762 624

International +61410 468378

Four am & still firing on 4 cylinders
My second reason to be excited before dawn on a Sunday is our new LifeStyle seminar series.

Many investors will make a million dollars from the emergence of the new Asian markets; but how do they KEEP THE MONEY?

Divorce or disease can easily cut 50% of your investment capital -- no matter if the investment market is doubling...

With our LIfeStyle Investment seminars we offer free advice on how to INVEST INTO YOURSELF.

There are tips on health, relationships, happiness, spirituality, as well as how to make the most from your business, work, family & TIME.

Come and learn from great speakers how to make your money COME, GROW & STAY; all the while you can make your life happier & your relationships better & your body healthier!

Tax Deductible Weekend Getaway
You are invited to join us for a

Book now for 10 day's time & receive a free weekend at the beach!

Date: Friday October 16th
Venue: LIM office, 1/110 Bulcock St Caloundra
Time : 645pm
Fee : complimentary

Brisbane /Toowoomba clients may have to take a half day off work &/or stay overnight in the nearby motel. This may be a tax deductible expense to you.

Presenters will include Rohan Toll, "The Business Bouncer", Cath Campbell "The Dragon Tamer" who slices through stress with ease and grace, and Jeremy Britton, the 24 Hour Wealth Coach; fresh in from Malaysia.

You may also see the concept of CREATING INFINITE WEALTH in the new Millennium.

All guests are entitled to use the LIM Library & receive a free portfolio review or loan review.

You can SAVE UP TO 65% --- GUARANTEED!

Please book by calling 1300 762 624 or

Now, to get some sleep and dream of sunsets on the beach... 8-)

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