Monday, September 03, 2012

The Hush of Heaven

The Hush of Heaven 

(This is precisely why I have collected almost 700 sunrises in two years; with thanks to  Louis Bourgeois for capturing this with words) 

This is that time of day, the predawn hours, before the busyness of the world begins, that proves a solid portal for the soul.

It is in our highest function that we cultivate stillness, and simply sitting in this hush of heaven will suffice.

At the level of our human being-ness, this time, the quiet pre-dawn hours, have always proved the most difficult to endure. It is here that one would find the most extreme loneliness and the ache for leaving.

So, then, this time is the chalice in which the magic of transmutation occurs, where we are forced to awaken to our depths, beyond human, more real.

As a writer this time of day has always served this soulful endeavor. But now I see how very much more this daily devotion has yielded to me, and now to the world I serve.

The shift in my life, from human to that somewhat unnamable “something else,” has become defined by the rising sun. It was a moment of serendipity brought by the crescendo of one morning’s simple sunrise.

And then it becomes clear, in the silence, the beauty and the power that arises from seemingly nothing. The lesson deepens, about letting go of doing for the sake of being. I need do nothing.

In the stillness of each morning, this predawn hush, comes all the guidance, all the direction, and all the inspiration for that day….this is all that is needed.

There is something exquisitely simple and equally powerful about living one’s whole existence within the framework of one day.

If one learns to pay attention, especially during this “teaching time,” the hush of heaven shows us eternity, and in this we see the meaning of everything.

It is like opening an acorn and seeing the full magnificence of the oak tree, all coiled up in this possibility. One then knows god.

Each morning is this perfect acorn, awaiting your care, your allowing, that the magnificence of this one perfect day might unfold.

Like the hibiscus blooms out my window, whose whole existence is in this one day. Truly all of life only has today.

The hush of heaven holds my human heart, bringing sweet comfort, that everything I could ever need will be supplied in infinite abundance.

And I smile, and I await with gladness the rising sun.

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Liz Corbeau said...

That is stunning. Exactly where I want to be.