Monday, May 10, 2010

Creating Infinite Wealth, or making your first million: is it all about Strategy or all about Mindset?

Our new friend is a multi-multi-millionaire now, but a few years ago he was homeless for the third time after a third failed business. Harv said something that many millionaires already know and that most poor people do not yet realise:

“If you want to change the FRUITS, you have to change the ROOTS.”

For almost 20 years Jeremy concentrated on financial planning, teaching strategy to thousands of people. If you want to learn the best techniques for share trading, stock picking, investing, or flipping property, creating wealth or reducing tax, just ask!

But the more he tried to learn from millionaires and billionaires so that he could teach the strategy and techniques to the general public; he discovered that there was even more to learn… There were many secrets to creating wealth & also one big secret to keeping it!

In order to get the techniques of wealth creation to more and more people, Jeremy wrote newsletters, blogs, books, articles for newspapers and magazines and held seminars all over the country.

As well as domestically, we sold books and newsletters in the
USA and Asia; thousands were learning the secret strategies of millionaires… so why were they not rich?

“If you want to change the fruits, you have to change the roots.”

After several failed attempts at business, Harv realised it was not the fault of the government, the clients, his advisers or his strategies. The failures emerged from deep inside of himself.

If there is a deep-seated subconscious aversion to being wealthy, all the strategy in the world will not matter. Perhaps that is why around 95% of lottery winners blow the money: deep down, they may not feel worthy.

Perhaps this is also why millionaires who have been bankrupt (Donald Trump, Larry King, Robert Kiyosaki, Kim Basinger, Tia Carrera, Walt Disney, Willie Nelson, Don Johnson) always seem to bounce back: perhaps they DO feel worthy.

The 24Hour Wealth Coach team can now assist you with your MINDSET as well as your STRATEGY.

Change your roots & change your fruits.

Motivation, mindset, NLP, EFT, meditation and hypnotherapy are now offered to you alongside the traditional techniques of wealth creation.

Meetings can be done in our main street offices, over the phone or on Skype. Initial consultations are still free, so call today to make a convenient time.

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