Tuesday, August 08, 2006

What's in a name?

"Invest In Australia" (would you change your name for money?)

For several years the message has been simply "Invest"; forget what anybody says about "buy property", "buy shares", "bank your savings" or even "supersize me"... The best advice was always a one-word phrase, "invest".

It covered all of the relevant areas and was sure to make you rich.When people ask, "Should I buy ostriches?", the answer was "invest". When people said "Should I join this new multi-level marketing company?", the answer was the same.

True investing is not the same as merely "buying". It involves research and due diligence. It implies a serious consideration.

People "buy" stereos or clothes; they "invest" into property, stocks or businesses.

Inspired by Nike's "just do it" and by our new best friend, US Marine Cody Baker, we have changed our mantra from "invest" to "Invest in Australia".

The "lucky country" which has been called "the energy superpower" of the Asian region has already benefited greatly from world demand for gold, steel, uranium, copper, gas, coal and oil.

As China increases consumption of energy and raw materials, Australia will continue to prosper. In the last five years, Australian markets have been buoyed by China and enjoyed average growth of over 10%, whilst the US markets have performed under 5%.

Imagine what will happen in the next few years when India arises as an economic power to rival China...

Australia is an English-speaking country in the heart of Asia-Pacific, close to the growing economies of China, India & Brazil. It holds massive reserves of energy and raw materials. Billions of dollars pour into Australia from China constantly, and this is just the beginning...

Our advice to serious investors is to "Invest in Australia". We are even going so far as to suggest that our new best friend change his name from Cody Baker to Ian..... Ian Vestinaustralia.... We kid you not. Check out the story here.